Breakout rooms API

+1 Our app already has a breakouts feature where we can share breakout specific instructions it would be great if we didn’t have to manually create the breakouts in zoom to match.

Also, we often reshuffle people or collapse groups. So rather than waiting on zoom to implement a more convenient ui for managing group assignments, and API would be awesome.

+1 for breakout API. Thanks to the explosive growth of zoom many students have multiple zoom accounts. Free ones they created with personal email addresses, org zoom accounts from their university, etc. When we try to export our attendee list (using university email addresses) and create breakout rooms for csv import, we find that over half the users can’t be matched because they’ve logged in using their personal email or some alternate email address. Sometimes they’re on a shared computer.

We’d like to dynamically get the list of current meeting participants, attempt to match up against our database and then configure breakout rooms. Best if we can do this without messing with CSV files!

+1 here… having to manage 300+ participants and moving them to various breakout rooms is really a big hassle in the desktop UI. Especially if you need them to switch breakout rooms from time to time.

Maybe another Feature Request is a way to Sort, Search, and/or Filter names in the Breakout Room assignment UI. This would I think a very big help to Zoom users who are managing a large crowd/participants in their meetings.

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+1 here. Would really appreciate to do it via API not to go through uipath automation or python ui script. Thanks.

I would like to hear when this has been developed as well. Thanks

It’s not an API question, but is there consideration on allowing the Alternate Hosts control the Breakout Rooms as well?