Few queries about Breakout Rooms and Android SDK

OAuth Token:
Can we get the user’s authorisation from our Android app and then call APIs based on received OAurh token?
Is this possible using Android SDK?

Breakout Rooms:
Can users join breakout room directly instead of joining a meeting and then choosing breakout room?
e.g. In my custom Android app I would like to show list of rooms in specific meeting.
Then user will choose which room he wish to join. Once he taps on room, he can directly enter into the room.
Is there a provision for this in Android SDK?

If these are not possible, are there any alternatives or workarounds available?

Hi @amolkisan, thanks for the post.

For your OAuth question, I would recommend posting to the #zoom-api category of the devforum so that someone may assist you.

Regarding breakout rooms, the functionality you are describing would be limited by the design of breakout rooms. A participant would need to join the meeting, be assigned to a breakout room by the host, and then join that breakout room.

A workaround may be possible if the SDK is used in unconventional ways, but I am not aware of any method of achieving what you are looking for without potentially limiting the functionality in other places. If you would like to attempt to implement a workaround, here is some information you may find helpful:

Should you choose to try to implement something to meet your needs and need help with specific usages of the SDK, feel free to reach back out and we’ll be more than happy to assist!