Breakout Rooms: Enable participants to navigate between rooms via Setting

When hosting large scale events with networking components, like happy hours, webcasts, trainings, etc, it would be great to mimic the networking that happens within the physical world, where a person can drop into and out of different small group conversations at leisure.

For example, at a recent virtual meetup we had 75+ attendees, 2 speakers, and 5 individuals who were co-sponsors of the event. We split out into 6 breakout rooms for networking after the speakers completed Q&A. Those who wanted to talk to an author may not have been in a room with that author, and had no way to move to speak with them.

Similarly, for team wide happy hours in the physical world there might be 2-8 tables of people, and you can move around and pick who you want to chat with at any time. In Zoom, you are stuck in your breakout unless you as a co-host to move you - awkward.

There is already an indicator that controls that hosts and co-hosts can navigate between breakout rooms. Would be great for a setting to be added when setting up breakout rooms to “Allow participants to switch between rooms”.

This would greatly enhance the value of Zoom for large enterprise clients to be able to use for social events in a distributed environment.


I would love to see the feature too. Allowing users to choose their room would be really useful for our use case.

This would also be be useful in education settings, with a wide range of use cases. Some examples: poster sessions, themed breakout rooms, staged release of scenarios or information - if students have control over which breakout room to go into then they can go to what interests them or control the pace of how they move through. An additional suggestion is to allow the breakout rooms to be named so there are clear signposts for the users.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, this feature was just released in version 5.3.0.

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That’s really a great Idea,

Option 1: Globally Enable so that anyone can move

Option 2: For controlled meeting
How about adding one more field in CSV we generate for the breakout rooms and define who can move between the breakout rooms.

Right now CSV supports TWO fields
Pre-assign Room Name and Email Address

How about adding one more as boolean Allow Moving and set it to true.