Please allow co-hosts to assign participants to breakout rooms

I’m a government employee for a municipal court, and given the current pandemic we’re trying to use Zoom to conduct court hearings virtually. But we’re currently having issues because Zoom currently does not have the capabilities that we need. In short, we need co-hosts to have the ability to move Zoom participants between breakout rooms.

To put it simply, we’re using multiple named breakout rooms to conduct court. For preliminary hearings (the first appearance a defendant will make), we need to have the ability to move people. For instance, we have a public defender breakout room, but we can’t keep everyone in that room. We have to have a separate (and private) room to interview clients.

Currently with Zoom, we can have multiple co-hosts to bounce around to different rooms. But we can’t move participants from one room to another. This means our co-hosts have to switch over to one command room and ask for multiple participants to be switched to another room. Sometimes this process is even more difficult because some people do not know how to join a breakout room (even though you simply tap a button).

We could also allow the option for users to choose their own breakout room, but this presents several issues such as attorney-client privilege and people interrupting mid-interview. Even though co-hosts currently can’t move participants between rooms, we were hoping that co-hosts could remove someone back to the waiting room and then have co-hosts admit users from the waiting room to the breakout room that they’re currently in. But it appears that you can’t kick people to the waiting room while you’re in a breakout room.

Some capabilities we’d love to see:

  1. Co-hosts being able to re-assign/move participants to breakout rooms.
  2. The ability for hosts/co-hosts to “lock” a breakout room from accepting more participants (or to password protect a breakout room).
  3. The ability for co-hosts/hosts to use the chat feature that can communicate across breakout rooms, so that a separate application isn’t needed for hosts/co-hosts to communicate across breakout rooms.

Thank you for your time!


I agree, that would be very effiecient to have. Especially this: 1. Co-hosts being able to re-assign/move participants to breakout rooms.

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