Broadcast of mirror image

We don’t have a timeline for this yet, unfortunately, but seriously considering it.

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I was able to use my computer’s camera app to show a mirrored version of myself. I used the CD trick in front of my camera (here’s a link to how to set that up: How to use compact mirror / old CD & pencil as DOCUMENT CAMERA | Doc Cam Hack | Annie Laurence - YouTube). Then, instead of using Zoom, I shared my camera app, which mirrors the image. (Make sure your Zoom camera is off before opening the camera app though.)

First Post about this was in 2017.
It’s 2021 :slightly_smiling_face:

How hard can it be to offer this Option.
Will take your developer a good half day and this is done …

Tell me straight up: Will it be faster to teach myself writing backwards on my whiteboard in my office?
Or is there a real chance this feature will be going live in less than 12 Months?