Bug between mac desktop SDK client and current iPad general release app


The newset version of the zoom iPad app appears to have an issue when spotlight events are called from teh macOS client SDK app - I suspect this is to do with multi-spotlight (although it is only an issue on iPad so suspect it’s a bug that end)

basically if you spotlight someone using:

‘’’[meetingActionController actionMeetingWithCmd: ActionMeetingCmd_SpotlightVideo userID: userID onScreen:ScreenType_First]; ‘’’

Then the first time nothing happens, and the second time the iPad app spotlights the previous person that you requested (so the app becomes one user behind) - other clients (macOS, windows, iPhone) in the same call spotlight the correct person so it’s deinitely an issue with the iPad app

Let me know if that’s unclear!


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Hi @richard1, thanks for the post.

Since this only occurs on the iPad, I believe your suspicion is correct that it is an issue with the iPad app. I will forward this along to my colleague who is more familiar with the iOS ecosystem so that they can investigate this further.


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We have seen the same (mis)behaviour. Thank you for exploring the technical detail.
Our main host uses Mac OS. When I joined the meeting with both my iPad and my Windows 10 laptop, the Windows client was always in sync with the spotlight, but the iPad lagged 1 spotlighted person behind. The popup on the iPad „X is spotlighted by the host“ was in sync, though. The iOS app version was 5.4.3 when I last experienced this.

Hi @fabian.klapproth and @richard1,

I have confirmed that this is a known bug with the Zoom app on iPad only. Based on previous user reports, we do not believe that this is specific to the MacOS SDK. Regardless, we will work on resolving this in a future release.


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Thanks for the iPad update to 5.4.7 today. We will try tonight, if the issue is hopefully resolved and report back.

Hi everyone.
We tested the new iOS app version 5.4.7 and the spotlight image was in sync with the macOS and Windows 10 clients.
However, now the popup message that “[name] has been highlighted” lags behind one.
For example at the beginning of a Q&A session the behaviour is as follows:
“Q is highlighted by the host” (and Q actually is seen)
A raises hand and is spotlighted
“Q is highlighted by the host” (but A is seen)
A is done and Q is spotlighted again
“A is spotlighted by the host” (but Q is now seen)

While the overall situation has improved by synchronizing the actually seen spotlighted person, once this sync error occurs, it will stay this way and confuse the participants, that read the popup. They think they are missing something that the “spotlighted” person is saying - or in our case signing - and start swiping through the gallery to find the “spotlighted” person.

For now we are telling the participants to completely ignore the misleading popups and just stay with the actuel spotlighted person.
Especially for our elderly participants this is annoying and disrupts the meeting flow.
Please figure out how to bring spotlight and popup back in sync. Or provide a setting to disable the popup.
This feature has already been requested separately and this is just another strong point for it.
Thanks in advance. Take care, Fabian

Hi @fabian.klapproth,

I’m glad to hear that the update has improved the functionality!

Please keep in mind that this forum is focused on developer support. For that reason, we request that you submit feedback on the Zoom client through our general feedback page. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, I will hold my peace :wink:
I was just trying to provide some more context, which I as a developer appreciate very much when hunting bugs.
So this forum is only for active Zoom developers? I felt there were a lot of comments from external people with development background who can describe issues or feature requests more precisely than the average user.
I am sorry if I misinterpreted that…
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Hi @fabian.klapproth,

Absolutely no worries! I only wanted to direct you towards the source that is most likely to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

So this forum is only for active Zoom developers?

This forum category is for external developers who are integrating the Zoom Client SDK into their desktop applications. There are also categories for our other SDKs, as well as our REST APIs, webhooks, and marketplace.

Since the feature you were requesting would actually fit into the Zoom client’s functionality, we don’t have a category monitored by any teams working directly on the client. For that reason, the link I provided in my previous post would be your best route.


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FYI this sounds like it’s linked to the bug I posted today regarding the onActiveVideoUserChanged delegate call being one behind…

Hi @richard1,

Thanks for the heads up! I think it is possible that the behavior you are seeing is related to something outside of the SDK as well. I’ll be sure to keep you posted over in that thread. :slightly_smiling_face: