Incorrect data in x-zoom-app-context header

I’ve suddenly started getting incorrect data in the x-zoom-app-context header.
The following properties are incorrect:

  • User ID uid
  • Type type
  • Meeting ID mid.

I’m sporadically getting type meeting even when launching through the main client. I get the incorrect user ID which makes the app unusable for all my users.
Here’s a loom: I’m opening the app in the main client panel, but I’m getting type “meeting” in the header, with a meeting ID. The user ID seen there is also not correct for my user.

I’ve reported this on the dev community channel but have not heard back.


We’re also observing this, started to happen this weekend (Jul 16). So our app doesn’t work most of times it’s being opened in Zoom client.

We are seeing the same behavior - getting type meeting even when opening in the main client. And what’s strange, the uid and mid are pretty random, even though Zoom client and login are the same. Our app App is unusable because of this. Zoom client version is 5.10.7 (6120).

Hi @tayyab , @ihrankouski , @kodmivi, thank you for reporting this, and apologies for the issue that this caused. We are looking into a fix and will report back ASAP.


This is also extremely important to us, and we’ve had to disable access to our Zoom app while we wait for this to be fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience this issue caused you. The fix is deployed and your apps should work as before. Can you please check and let us know if you are still facing the issue?

@Alexandra, can you confirm you are receiving expected values?