Calendar integration: changes not pushed

We have noticed a problem when a Zoom Room is configured with Calendar integration; Normally, if a meeting is created, changed, or deleted for the current day, and if the meeting has a start time later than the current time, the Zoom Room pushes the change to the Zoom Room Controller (and the API). However, it appears that this push operation is not happening, even using the current production versions of the Zoom Room and iPad Zoom Room Controller. so this problem happens, independently of the API. We have seen the problem when using Google Calendar integration; it may also happen with other calendar integrations. Here is the Zoom bug report:

JIRA ZOOM-33755:


  • I am using Google Calendar integration, using my own G-Suite account.
  • My Zoom Room, ZR-ZoomTest, is assigned to the Google Conference room HQ-1-E-BugRoom (14).
  • I am using Zoom user, which is also a user of the G-Suite.
  • My account is properly signed into the Google Chrome Zoom extension.
  • I am using Google Chrome.
  • I am using the current production version of the Mac Zoom Room.
  • I am using the current production version of the iPad Zoom Room Controller.


  • On January 9, at 5:41 PM PST, my Zoom account created a meeting in Google Calendar for a Zoom Room; I set the meeting to use the conference room HQ-1-E-BugRoom, and used the Google Chrome “Make it a Zoom meeting” button. I set the meeting to begin later that same day, at 8:30 PM PST. The meeting number was 842316274.


After I create this meeting in Google Calendar, on the iPad ZRC, the Meeting List does not refresh: it still shows the text “There are no upcoming meetings scheduled.”

6 minutes later, at 5:47, I hit the Refresh button, and the meeting list shows the meeting. I had to press the “Refresh” button to show the meeting.

Then I started the meeting at 5:47, and then ended it.