Webhook meeting update do not getting when update meeting from calendar

I have a webhook only application configured to my server. And was added three events ‘meeting created’, ‘meeting updated’ and ‘meeting deleted’
When I create meeting from Google calendar I getting webhook with ‘meeting created’ and when delete this meeting from calendar also getting webhook ‘meeting deleted’. But when I change meeting(start time, topic name, the participants) from calendar I don’t get webhook the ‘meeting updated’. Though meeting got update on Zoom site.
Let me know please have any way to getting info when meeting was update from calendar?
Thank you

Hey @mixail, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I was able to reproduce this, and I am investigating whether this is a bug or not implemented yet.


Hey @mixail,

Currently the Google Calendar integration does not have the meeting.updated webhook.

The meeting.updated webhook is only triggered via the Zoom Web Dashboard and APIs.

However, you could implement the Google’s Calendar Event Updated Webhook.

In the meantime, I will add this as a feature request.