Call GetBODataHelper Error

I am a developer of CSharp’s Windows Meeting SDK, and I am currently working on a Custom Breakout Room. As the moderator, I successfully entered the discussion group, but the call to the GetBODataHelper() method prompted me that the Memory module was damaged, but there was no problem when I called the GetBODataHelper() method during the creation of the discussion group. Did I miss anything after I entered the discussion group? Do I need to reinitialize Zoom? For example, has the object in CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap changed, causing a memory error in the calling object?

Windows Meeting SDK version?

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Calling GetBODataHelper works fine.
  2. Create Breakout Room and JoinBO as Host.
  3. Calling GetBODataHelper returns error sometime.

error message:
Attempt to read or write to protected memory. This usually indicates that other memory is damaged

ZOOMSDK::IBODataWrap::UnInit(void) -  meeting_BOData_wrap.cpp
ZOOMSDK::IBODataWrap::Init(ZOOMSDK::IBOData*) -  meeting_BOData_wrap.cpp
ZOOMSDK::IMeetingBOControllerWrap::GetBODataHelper(void) -  meeting_BO_wrap.h

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