Call Id from transcript completed event returns 400 for some call log details rest api call

We noticed some irregularities in zoom api`

We have subscribed to the event phone.recording_transcript_completed``

Once we get the event we call the rest endpoint to get call log details using the call log Id returned from the event payload. the call is made 2s later{callId}

It returns an error mentioning


`"code": 404,`
`"message": "Call log information was not found."`


But it doesn't happen for all the call Id's, only some call logs, could you advise on what is happening here or what is needed to be done from our end from our end?

SO far on 9th october 2023 we have encountered 8 such instances out of 38 calls to the endpoint

Hi @anoop1
Thanks for reaching out to us.
The transcript takes some time to process, is there a way you can make the call with some more time after you receive the endpoint and confirm if this happens anyways? maybe 10 seconds later?

Hi @elisa.zoom
We did apply the 10s delay upon receiving the zoom web hook event phone.recording_transcript_completed before calling the rest endpoint - /phone/call_logs/{callLogId}
but it still we get the error:

"code": 404,
"message": "Call log information was not found."

But as I mentioned not every call log search yields this result. Most succeeds in fetching the call log result.
Could you look into why such an occurrence can happen where there is transcript but not corresponding call log

Hi @anoop1
Yes, I can help you look into this specific instance.
I will send you a private message to look into this further