Will Call Log Data Change?


I am new to the Zoom ecosystem, I’m working on retrieving call logs, recordings, voicemails, and transcripts from Zoom.

So far I have used /call_logs and /call_logs/{callLogId} to get the log info I needed.

My question is, when I get the call log detail, is there any information in this detail that will change later on? For Example: at 9 AM, the log doesn’t include the recording but at 10 AM it updates the new recording/transcript.

The reason I asked is so that I don’t have to go back and compare the log I have received, once I get the log detail I can assume it is true and will not change.

Thank you.

Hi @kencds
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Zoom Developer Community, I am happy to help here!
The only data that could change are recordings, since some of them take some time to process.
If the call finishes at 10am and you make an API call at 10:01 most likely the recording won’t be ready right away.

So I have follow up question.

  1. If the recording data is not ready, will the log include the RecordingId?

  2. What would be the recommend flow to get all recording for my company. So far I get all account call log and then I get each of them in details, extracting call recording and transcription. If the recording data would not be ready then that mean I would have to come back and comparing the diff for each log? Is there a variable that confirms the log actually at final stage?

Hi @kencds
If the recording is not ready I do not think you will get a recording ID back in your initial query, since that ID gets generated once the recording is ready.

You could set up a webhook subscription that will let you know when recordings have been completed and once that’s ready, you can go ahead and get all call logs