Call Log Reporting- Call Result

We are using the Zoom Phone API to pull call logs for the account and all users. We are getting confused on how to track what calls are being answered/answered by another in a call queue/forwarded. We are able to pull the data, but are confused on how to interpret it.

I can’t seem to find any documentation on what the call “result” mean. Does anyone have good documentation on what each of these listings means? Some are obvious, but some are confusing. For example if a call was answered by another member of a call queue, does that show missed? Whereas if it was declined by the user (they press skip) when presented with the call queue that would show Rejected? When would Wrong Number ever apply?

Result of the call: Missed | Voicemail | Call connected |Rejected | Blocked | Busy |Wrong Number | No Answer | International Disabled |Internal Error | Call failed | Restricted Number |Call Cancel | Message | Answered by Other Member |Call Cancelled | Park | Parked | Blocked by non-GAL | Blocked by info-Barriers |Recording Failure | Recorded | Auto Recorded .

Hi @cefangman
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
The result of the call is the action that was performed to said call, for example, if it was a call that had an Auto recording enabled, then the value of the result will be auto-recorded.

I understand what you mean by your question about what some other values mean, especially when working with cal queues. Unfortunately, I do not have the right testing environment to play around with it and give you a better answer, but allow me to look internally for some more documentation about this.