Call Log Results Don't Match Historical Reports

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
GET /phone/call_logs
GET /phone/call_logs/{callLogId}

Link the API endpoint(s) and/orZoom API Event(s) you’re working with to help give context.

I want to find out how to determine if a call was abandoned. An example could be someone calls into a call queue and before a queue agent answers, the caller hangs up.

Currently, the call logs show the result for this as No Answer. However in the “Call Queue Historical Reports”, it correctly shows the Result as Abandoned which leads me to believe that somewhere on the back-end Zoom Phone is able to identify the call as abandoned.

How To Reproduce
This is how I performed the test:

  1. Create an auto attendant and have one of the options on the IVR menu forward the call to a call queue.
  2. Call the auto attendant from an external number and select the menu option for the call queue.
  3. While the call is ringing, hang up from the external phone.
  4. View the call log details and note that the log detail for the call being forwarded to the queue has a Result of " " (not sure what this means) and the log detail for the queue agents receiving the call has a Result of No Answer.

In this scenario, I’d expect one of these log details to have a “Call Cancel” result (or something else to indicate the call was abandoned).

Hi @kyle.aebischer ,

I am going to direct message you for more info needed for further investigation. Thanks!

Sounds good, thank you!

Hi @kyle.aebischer ,

Currently our service engineers are taking a look to see if the discrepancy between the web portal and API query logic is by design (ZSEE-100430).

Thanks for your patience!

Hi @kyle.aebischer ,

So it’s been concluded that this is in fact by design and that the “abandoned” result is not supposed to be returned via Zoom Open API. Is this something you’d like to submit for a Feature Requests?

Ya I think that’d be a great new feature!

Any chance you could provide insight as to what the "Result": " " means?`

Hi @kyle.aebischer

For which particular endpoint?

I’ve seen that in either of
GET /phone/call_logs
GET /phone/call_logs/{callLogId}

Hi @kyle.aebischer ,

For the ones you sent me, I only see “Result”: “No Answer”. Can you please share the queries in our DM when you’ve seen that?

Developer also had questions about GET /phone/call_logs/{callLogId} “result” field is empty or has number (ZSEE-104152). We learned:

  • There are two “Result“ fields mentioned in the API documentation - Zoom Phone API one is inside object “log_details“ and another is outside in the response.

  • Outside “Result“ shows the overall call result whereas one inside the “log_details“ object shows the happening within that call like IVR, call queue, etc.