Links between call logs and call queues (GET request)

Hi, our team has a question regarding the relationship between call queue and call logs. By calling call queue API, we could get the members in that call queue, by calling call logs API, we could get callee and caller information like their name and their extension/phone numbers. So if we see a call queue name in call logs, we could confirm this call happens in that call queue line. But if we see a member in call logs, who is one of that call queue members, but the callee_number / caller_number don’t match with that call queue extension_number, in this case, could we consider this call log as an individual behavior rather than a call happen in call queue?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hey @zmeng,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Thank you for your question!

That’s correct! If you’re seeing a member of a queue has call logs that don’t include your queue extension, it’s safe to conclude that they user was not making/taking a call from that queue.

I hope that helps!


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