Call Queue "receive_call" seems to return true too often

In the Phone Call Queue API there is a field for “receive_call” that (my understanding,) is supposed to tell you if the user have enabled or disabled the ability to receive queue calls. But it looks more like it returns that user is logged into Zoom at all or something?

There is a feature request that that describes why people want this information, here:

And this feature came out a month ago-ish, (which is great!)

But what I’m seeing when I use that API is quite a bit different than when I login to the admin page for the call queue itself. See screenshot:

On the left side we see the admin panel that everyone should have turned off their queues, (the one exception probably forgot to do that,) but the API says everyone except one person can get calls. They aren’t reversed, those are two different people: the person who it is reporting false for has been on vacation for a week, so probably logged out and turned off their computer.

Am I misunderstanding how this should work, or is there a bug?

Hey @mdenton,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please send an email to with a link to this thread.

In that email, please include the full JSON response you’re seeing as well as the endpoint that you’re using.

I’ll investigate further from there.


Hi @MaxM
I am having this issue too. Can I also email about this?


Hey @alex.b,

Thanks for reaching out. If you’re seeing this issue too, please do send it an email. We’re still looking into this so I’ll add your use case to this. Please also provide the JSON response that you’re seeing and a screenshot of the conflicting Web Portal page.


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