Call response too long and screen freeze

I have two problems when i use Mobile SDK from zoom,

  1. When making a call, going into zoom is very long and feels heavy
  2. When will end a call, the screen sometimes freeze is erratic, sometimes long, sometimes not

Which version?
Knowing the version can help us to identify your issue faster.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  1. Long response
  • Device: [e.g. Samsung J3, Xiaomi Redmi 5a, Samsung S10]
  • OS: [e.g. Android 5.1.1, 6 and 9]
  1. Freeze
  • Device: [e.g. Xiaomi Redmi 5a, Samsung S10]
  • OS: [e.g. 6 and 9]

Thanks in advance


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. It seems like you are using the Android SDK. Could you provide a little bit more info:

  1. Are you getting any errors?
  2. Is this issue happens when you are using our Zoom Android client?
  3. Is this issue happen with our SDK demo app?
  4. What is the SDK version you are using?
  5. Could you provide the SDK log so that we could further investigate?


  1. Not an error but the screen becomes freeze when the phone will finish
  2. yes right
  3. This happens in Zoom Client SDKs
  4. v4.4.56624.1028
  5. There is no log because this is not an error, so we also have difficulty detecting it


Thanks for the reply and pardon the late response. Normally this might be caused by the server is too busy or the network status is not good. We have tried to reproduce this with our demo app but no luck. Could you have a try with a different network environment and see if it helps?