Call_SINK_Pool in sdk_util.h

I am trying to create a pop-up notification for zoom when a speaker starts speaking. For this, I have been looking through the sdk_util.h file which has the onUserAudioStatusChange method. I noticed that throughout the file, they use something called “Call_SINK_Pool” and pass the same method as a parameter. I am having a hard time understanding what this does. Can someone please explain?

Version: v5.7.6.1081

Device: ASUS Rog Strix
OS: Windows 10

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Hi @MirDev, thanks for using the dev forum.

This is something that is used internally by the SDK and should not have any impact on your implementation. The publicly available APIs can be found in the SDK reference documentation, which will be the best way of checking the SDK’s available functionality at a granular level.


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