Callback onUserAudioStatusChange not received for already audio joined participants

On joining an ongoing meeting using Zoom’s Windows SDK, the onUserAudioStatusChange callback was not received for existing participants (16778240 is 1 of the participant who had his audio joined but onUserAudioStatusChange callback was not received for this ID on joining the meeting, but at later point when user Muted himself). Usually, as soon as the meeting status change to IN_MEETING,
onUserAudioStatusChange callback is received for all existing participants whose audio was already joined. Let me know if this is not the expected behavior.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Not reproducible deterministically. Intermittent issue

Sending logs to @Carson_Chen over email.

Hi @Rishi_Sharma,

Thanks for the post. I have received the log file and I have passed it to the engineering team for investigation. I will get back to you once I heard anything from the team.