Calling InMeetingAudioController.disconnectAudio() does not disconnect phone audio

When the user has selected to either call in or have the SDK call them with success and then attempts to disconnect the audio using InMeetingAudioController.disconnectAudio(), the audio does not actually disconnect. The MobileRTCSDKError being returned is SDKERR_SUCCESS so there is no additional information to go on.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
This is using a custom UI for In Meeting.

  1. Start a meeting
  2. Connect audio through phone audio either call me or call in
  3. Call the InMeetingAudioController.disconnectAudio() method
  4. Observe the audio doesn’t disconnect with no error provided


Troubleshooting Routes
I haven’t found anything else I could try past this.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Emulator
  • OS: Android 11

Additional context

Hi @joey.grover,

Since disconnectAudio is meant to be used with IP audio only, this seems like mostly expected behavior to me. It does seem like a small bug that this method’s return value is success, but the underlying behavior sounds correct to me.

Does the cancelDialOut method fit your needs?


Unfortunately cancelDialOut will not work as it only cancels a dial out operation currently in progress before the audio connects. We are specifically looking for how to disconnect the audio regardless of source (IP/Dial In/Dial out). The behavior we need is that which exists in the Zoom mobile application today when the user selects the “more” option during a meeting and then selects disconnect audio. In the app all audio types are disconnected successfully.

If the purpose of disconnectAudio is truly just for IP audio it should probably be refactored to a method name that reflects that as well as documentation updates that point that out; currently it reads “Disconnect the audio.” which seems to imply any audio type.

I do think having a method to disconnect all audio types would be very useful in the SDK. Does that exist anywhere or could it be planned for a future release?

Hi @joey.grover,

Thanks for clarifying around your use case. We are pursuing a feature request to enable the behavior you are looking for and will keep you updated as soon as we have any concrete timelines on this.


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