Camera and Mic Accessibility

I’m working on a App that uses a Video Streaming SDK. useParticipant Hook | Video SDK

I have noticed that calling disableMic and disableWebcam works and turns off the mic and webcam of the other participant when using browsers for testing. However when I try to call enableMic and enableWebcam the other participants Camera and Mic does not turn on. As far as I can tell I have already allowed the website to access the camera of the system…that’s why it can turn it off…but I don’t know why it doesn’t turn on.

Any ideas how to fix this so that once a participant enters the meeting then we can turn on and off their camera ?

or should I switch to zoom sdk? Does zoom sdk allow this?

Hey @aleenakhan9492,

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I would suggest switching to the Zoom SDK. I am unfamiliar with the SDK you are using.


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