Permanent disable Camera in Zoom client (windows) application & in web SDK

Hello Team,

In our application, we want to disable the camera from web SDK & zoom client exe (Native APP).

Our Requirement is:

  1. Disable camera permanently from web SDK.
  2. Disable camera permanently from the zoom windows app.
  3. Users can not start the camera even in the remote control features. Each time the camera button will be disabled.
  4. Users can not start the video by clicking on the video icon.

We need this from the settings. Is there any setting for this or API so we used that setting to complete our requirement.

Hi @patil.sagar,

At the moment, it’s not possible to permanently disable the video function via the Web SDK. However, you can update User or Meeting settings to ensure that participants always start with their camera’s off. This setting can be found in the Meeting Create/Update call:

You may also consider hiding a button to enable video with custom CSS/JavaScript, though I should emphasize that we don’t formally support this.


@will.zoom It is possible to hide the camera from zoom.exe (desktop application for windows)?

Hi @patil.sagar,

This should be possible—please reference this thread in our #desktop-sdk channel:

If you have questions about this, please ask there or start a new thread.


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