Camera on mobile phone automatically uses wide angle instead of normal one


I’m not sure if this is the right spot to post my question. I have already posted here (Camera on mobile phone automatically uses wide ang... - Zoom Community) but couldn’t find any solution to this issue. Maybe you have any idead on this topic

for about 2-3 weeks now, the mobile phone camera in the zoom app of one of my clients has been displayed in a kind of wide-angle setting with a narrower image width, which makes working together very difficult. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find out what this new setting could be caused by. He continues to use the same mobile phone and has not updated the Zoom app either. There are also no options on the mobile app to change the camera.

Has anyone had similar experiences and know how to get back to the original setting?
I have no idea what this could have caused and how to solve it.

Before and after:

Hello @Zuzu55 ,

Would you please provide more information? Such as:

  1. Whether you’re using Zoom Video SDK or Zoom App on Android?
  2. The version that you’re using.
  3. Is there any change or version upgrade you’ve done to make this change happen?
    Thank you


Hi Elaine,

thank you for your answer.

  1. This particular Client uses Zoom App on Android
  2. 5.13.5(11533)
  3. He told me, he didn’t update Zoom and this suddenly happened.

Has anyone an idea what could have caused this behaviour and how to go back to the old camera ratio/angle?

Hi @Zuzu55 ,

Although our team is in charge of SDK products only, we can try to help you with it. You can check the meeting setting >> Video and see what Aspect Ratio you selected. The ratio you select might affect the video that shows in the meeting.
Thank you


hi @elaine.ku,
unfortunately this hasn’t helped. We tried both settings on the mobile phone and the my laptop (host)

He was using another mobile phone for comparison. Here’s a screenshot of his old phone (left) and his new one (right). In both pictures the camera is in the exact same position

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