Can a third party bot join a zoom session as a participant and record the session?

We have a tool that uses Zoom for the conferencing funtionality. We are partnering with an AI tool that can help us get insights of our sessions.

I want to know if Zoom allows a third party bot to join a meeting and record the session so that it can run its algorithms on the recording and share insights.

Hello @poonam.gupta Please see the information below we have in regards to this

It’s very important for Zoom to ensure that users that may be recorded while using Zoom are giving their direct consent. To that end we have added consent prompts that display whenever the Recording features are used. See here for more information: We expect that your integration will trigger the Zoom client to provide these moments of consent as outlined in the User Agreement. Cloud Recording and Live Stream options are available for these features. We also provide a method by which Bots can request consent:

Regards, Kwaku