Can anyone join without login?

Hello, I’ve set-up the example, and created the dynamic server side JWT token, it all works well.

I would like to understand more about the restrictions… Can anyone who enters my website now can join or host a meeting via the website? The user don’t have to login with a zoom login?

It’s a bit confusing.

  • what are the costs? it’s enough that the developer has a pro account?
  • Is there a timeout for the participant to stay in the room?


Hey @Mikron,

Depending on your implementation, yes. :slight_smile:

Not unless you want them to:

It is the same pricing model as the Zoom App. A per host basis:

Can you clarify this?


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So the limit actually depends on the user who opened the meeting right? If he has a pro account, the 40 mins limit won’t apply.

Hey @Mikron,

It depends on who the host of the meeting is, yes. :slight_smile:


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