Can closed caption url API url be fetched programmatically?

I read the article ( on how to use the CC article, we are interested in connecting with closed captioning but are looking for a way we can access the CC API URL programmatically if the host has given our system access to their account or meeting.
Is this something feasible today?

Hi @rishavj,

Yes, that’s possible. But you would need to create a custom implementation for the same.
You can refer to the example provided in the documentation:

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi @Ojus,

In what way could it be fetched, here do we mean a custom implementation using the SDK where the host will have to authorize ? (We are still exploring the Zoom APIs so not very familiar with the ecosystem yet)


I will update you on this shortly


My sincere apologies. I reached to the concerned team, and at this time unfortunately it is not possible to obtain the url programatically.

That being said, I will file this as a feature request, and forward it to our engineers so that they can consider to add these features in our future releases.

You can follow our changelog and developer roadmap to see the latest updates.


@Ojus Thanks for checking with the team, would be great if it gets added in the near future roadmap.

Thanks for your feedback Rishavj.