Trying to understand using the Windows SDK


I’m new at this Zoom development.

I downloaded the Windows SDK and compiled and

ran the sdk_demo program for visual17.

I am able to join a meeting and related things to that.

What I cannot understand is how to call some of the interface

methods. e.g.,

I am interested in get a copy of the closed caption URL.

I updated the sdk_demo to support this class,

I set a pointer to the GetMeetingClosedCaptionControler()

and it appears to return an object.

I can then call the offered methods of this class

but the return value is always 0.

How do I use this object?

thank you

Hi mues,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The ClosedCaptionController( actually does not provide the closed caption URL, it provides the interfaces to do actually closed captioning. If you are interested in getting the closed caption URL, you may refer to the doc here:

Thank you for your response.
I have reviewed that information already.
What I would like to do is programatically join a
in progress meeting and then receive the URL of the
restful URL so that I can post CC data.
I am hoping this can be done via the program and not
requiring a human operator to retreive the URL string.
thank you in advance,

First off, I want to thank you for addressing my questions. I appreciate your time.

Secondly, I understand and have already implemented using http REST services to
push CC data to your application. It seems to be working well. I copy the CC URL
link and paste it into our application program which generates CC data.

Lastly, what I am asking and cannot seem to get a definitive answer, is
“Can I get the CC URL from your application while running and then apply it
to my application so that a human operator does not have to do this everytime
a meeting begin?”

there appears to be a interface method to return such a value in your IClosedCaption
interface. I have tried using this call, but it always returns a NULL.

I’d just like to know can I or can’t I.
If it is possible, then how do I use this interface in my C++ program?

thank you very much!!


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Hey @mues,

Currently it is not possible to get the closed caption endpoint without user interaction. We are working to develop a way to get it through the API. (ZOOM-100289)

Stay updated here:


thank you sir!
Stay safe.


Could you please answer one more question related to this?

is it possible to get access to this url when the meeting is being scheduled?
do we have to wait until the meeting is in process to manually get this value for the CC url?

thank you again

Hello again,
sorry to bother you.
Is there a way to get access to the audio stream(s) while a meeting is active?
We are using Windows C++
I don’t see a way to do so via the SDK so far.

would it be possible for me to call you personally or maybe talk via zoom in the near future?
thank you in advance,

Hi Nick,

Currently our SDK does not provide the raw audio stream.


Oh, so then what is the difference between “raw audio data” and “audio stream”?

Hi todor,

Thanks for the reply. Strictly saying, they might be different. But speaking about this ability in Zoom SDK, they are the same.