Can hosts invite participants to use a beta app

Hello, I’m planning to create a zoom marketplace application, and wanted to understand the limitations of apps in beta mode.

I’ve read that we can request for a beta app url, which we can use to invite anyone to use the app(upto 100 users). I want to understand that if I invite a host to use the beta application, can that host invite his meeting participants to use the application without the invite link, using the invite participants to use the app option during a meeting?

Hello @yatanvesh I am not sure what you mean when you use the term Beta, but if you are referring to the Authorization urls these are just URLs you can use for testing to get users outside of your Zoom account to test the production version of your Application for up to 90 days when the URL is provided every install counts to your maximum number of requested seats. So anyone you want to test would have to use the URL generated only. So if the host decides to share the Authroization URL that you provided thats up to you but there is no other way to share the app until its published.

Regards, Kwaku

That clears some things up, thank you!

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