Can I make meeting behalf of our teacher, using our pro license?

I am developing an educational service. In our service, let’s assume that the teacher is using Zoom as a free license, and that my company account has a Pro license.
I know that if the teacher installs the Oauth app created in the company account and creates a meeting through the ‘create meeting’ api, the meeting will be created with the teacher’s free license.
Is it correct?

What should I do if our teacher wants to create a meeting with the pro license of my company account?

Which App?

Hey @luke.choi ,

Correct! :slight_smile:

You could create the meeting and have you or a user on your account be the host, and then have the teacher join that meeting, or use the start_url to start it. :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps!


Thank you.
I have additional questions.
What I want is not for the company to create meetings and designate teachers as hosts. (The teacher doesn’t know our company’s Zoom account.)
What I want is for a teacher to create a meeting through our company’s pro license.
Is this impossible?

For reference, our teacher is not set and anyone can be. We want to license whoever conducts the class within our license quota. (For example, it could be 1 at some times and 5 at other times.) What are some ways to minimize our licensing costs?

Hi @luke.choi,

For this use case, I would probably recommend having the teachers belong to the same account as your integration and provisioning licenses for them from under your account directly. You could use JWT authorization for this, if all of the users belong to the same account as yours.

You can programmatically manage licenses for users (add or remove) as needed, via API, using the Update User endpoint:


Let me know if this helps!

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