Zoom license requirement and integration options for LMS OAuth app

We are interested in integrating Zoom meetings into our Learning Management System using an OAuth App.
We would like to get a better understanding of the license plan we would need and the User/Account type the app needs to be.
Our initial idea is to allow a common client to schedule Zoom meetings from within our LMS app.
Our understanding is that we’ll need to have at least a Pro license to publish the Oauth User-installed app and use the Rest API /users/{userid}/meetings to create meetings on behalf of the client, using their subscription plan, is that correct?
We would also like to receive webhook events for the meetings and optionally query Zoom api for participants’ information - like name, duration, etc.
Do we need to have a higher than Pro plan to achieve this?
If the user has a plan that supports LTI integration, can we use the start_url / join_url from the users/{userid}/meetings call to launch a meeting directly in LTI Pro app and optionally receive gradings back to the LMS?
Thanks in advance

Which App?
OAuth App

Hi @pcvetanov, there is no license or cost associated with publishing an app onto the Marketplace. You’ll also have a 90-day trial to use the API on any account you create.

Users who install your app will require a licensed Zoom account to best take advantage of Zoom APIs. Using OAuth, you will be able to make API requests on their behalf; there will be no connection to your account plan.

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