Create meeting for another account

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

POST /users/{userId}/meetings


I want to create an app that allows students to create a meeting with an instructor, and the instructor as the host.

Student is an external account of the app owner account, as well as an instructor is in an external account of the app owner account.

student and instructor are in a different accounts.

Is it possible to create an app like this?
If yes, please let me know how.

I read a number of topics including Possible to create meeting on behalf of another Zoom account?, but still not sure it can be achieved.

Would anyone be able to help me out with this?


Hi @customers ,

Yes this is possible as long as you create a published app with the correct privileges to create meetings on their behalf via API and they authorize your app (install on their account).

Here’s another post from the forum with a user asking a similar question: Create meeting link on behalf of external users by hosting OAuth Account Level APP - #3 by hmshah.1984