Can i record a podcast and save to my data base with zoom

Good day, I am currently building a podcast web site and i wanted to know if i could use zoom as a way for my user to not only record there podcast but also invite multiple individual to join the zoom session, in which at the end of the meeting or recording it saves to my database. Please if anyone can help or direct me i’ll be very grateful

@getwokpa ,

I would recommend you to take a look at the web sdk, this will allow visitors to your site to join your podcast (hosted on zoom).

Thank you for your response. But this is actually what i want and i’m willing to pay the premium plain if the service is possible.
i want user to be able to record podcast on my website and also invite people to the record session if they want to. I want to be able to save the audio to my data base, so the user can access the recorded podcast if they want to.
Is all this possible. i will be very grateful if you can answer my question

@getwokpa , you will definately need to do some development work for this scenario.

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