Can I retrieve reports in a User-Managed app?

Hi. I’m trying to develop an integration that will let our client easily download a report (specifically on webinar registrants / attendees) on a scheduled basis, and I seem to have hit a “gotcha”.

  1. I’ve confirmed that the user who is authorizing the app has access to run reports. That is - if he logs in to zoom online, he can navigate to the reports screen and download a Webinar report as a CSV.

  2. The API documentation for reports requires the scope report:read:admin.

  3. I can’t add report:read:admin as a scope for User-Managed Apps, so I need to create an Account-Level App instead.

  4. But if I create an Account Level App, the user can no longer complete the Oauth flow. He get’s the message “You cannot authorize the app”.

So… Am I just stuck here? Seems like if the user has permissions to export a report he should be able to do so through the API… but I can’t find a way.

Any help (or verification that it just isn’t possible) would be appreciated.



We have received your request and will be responding to you shortly.


Thanks Ojus, looking forward to your response.

Hi @cody.crumrine,

Seems like this is an app permission related issue. Can you please send your account ID and app ID to ? We will continue to assist you on that platform


Thanks Ojus - will do

Hey @cody.crumrine,

Here is a possible duplicate and solution,

Let us know if this helps!