Marketplace: Where are the scopes: report:read:admin, zms:report:read

How can an App include the scopes: report:read:admin, zms:report:read?

While using the API:

It couldn’t be done because of the message:
{“code”:4700,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [report:read:admin, zms:report:read].”}
Pro or a higher plan with Webinar add-on enabled.

Additional context
I understand the user may not have a proper license. But how the App that is built includes the Scope: report:read:admin, zms:report:read ?

Hey @zoom-dev1,

The report:read:admin scope is only on Account Level OAuth apps.

Are you trying to use this endpoint with a User Level OAuth app?


Hi Tommy, correct, the app is built at User level. Any workaround?

Hey @zoom-dev1,

You’d have to create an Account Level app to call the Report endpoints.


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