Make /reports available with User-Level app, but limited to the auth'd user

Currently to use the /reports API, your APP must be Account-level. This introduces some potentially serious security vulnerabilities.

Say we have 300 teachers in our district who run 7-10 meetings per day. We want these teachers to be able to look at advanced meeting report stats within our UI, but do not want them to be able to have admin access to our entire district Zoom organization. In particular, we don’t want them being able to invite, remove, or view any information about other users in the organization.

The simplest solution would be to allow the authenticated user to access their own reports, with a /me/ indicator. This has precedent in others areas of the API.


Reference topic:


I need this feature, as well.

It should be expanded to include webinar in addition to meeting reports.

I think this functionality would be pretty much appreciated for a daily basis user that is forbidden to an account-level app. As explained by @edu_dev4

Having the ability to provide user-level reporting would be helpful for our institution as well.