Can I set status as approved when creating a registrant?

I have a webinar with approval_type set to 1 (manual). When adding a registrant to this webinar, the API docs tell me I can pass in a status enum as part of the JSON request body. But if I pass in a status of “approved”, the registrant is still created as “pending”. What is the point of being able to send the status if it is ignored? I don’t really want to make a second API call to approve the registrant…

For example:

POST /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants

    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Smith",
    "email": "",
    "status": "approved"

Hi @seb.duggan

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Please allow me some time to do some testing on my end and I will come back to you with an update.
Thanks for bringing this up to us!

Hey @seb.duggan

Thanks for your patience while I investigate this issue further.
I wanted to bring you an update cause I was able to replicate this issue on my testing enviromenment
I will go ahead and reach out to our Engineering team and I will come back to you with an update shortly


Thanks @elisa.zoom - I’m glad it’s not just me!

Hi @seb.duggan
Thanks for your patience while I investigated this issue further.
And thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I was informed by our Engineering team that this is potentially an error on our side since we do not have the “status” parameter in our design and we are not able to approve or deny a webinar registrant through the endpoint POST/webinars/{webinarId}/registrants.

The only way to approve or deny a registrant would be with the following endpoint:

I will make sure to share this feedback with the Documentation team.
Thanks again for bringing this up to us, this way we can work on it.


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