Cancelling registrants status does *not* seem to work

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)



Sorry to ask this yet again – but all previous such topics have not shown an answer/resolution (all the while being closed).

So, here goes again:

  • I register a new registrant to a (recurring) webinar; all good: a call to retrieve registrant details shows everything’s in shape;
  • I place a call update the status to “cancel” (as per Zoom Meeting API); the response status is 204; all good seemingly;
  • a subsequent call to show registrant details and status shows him as “approved”.

No specific error message – except the status remains unchanged.

How To Reproduce
as per the steps above… log output:

Adding webinar registrant for ID:845816337xx; {'email': '', 'first_name': 'TH Registrant', 'last_name': 'TH To Approve and Cancel'}

Zoom OAuth access token expired or forcibly refreshing:<OAuthToken provider_name='Zoom', account_id='0vjCiWt_RHKFJ0Duhxxx', date_refreshed='01/02/2024 05:46:55', expires_at=None, scope=None>

Add registrant request URL:''

Add registrant response:201; {'registrant_id': 'dPOaCIDGSPi9NOJd9PsJOA', 'id': 845816337xx, 'topic': 'DEV TEST Future Fit', 'start_time': '2024-11-11T00:00:00Z', 'join_url': '\
9BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=Y21TazlTS0drNWxsOVY3S1pubVp1QT09', 'occurrences': [{'occurrence_id': 'xx26016400000', 'start_time': '2024-09-11T01:00:00Z', 'duration': 60, 'status': 'available'}]}

Updating Zoom registrants; webinar ID:845816337xx; action:'cancel'; registrants:[{'email': '', 'id': 'dPOaCIDGSPi9NOJd9PsJOA'}]```

Update registrants status request URL:''; action:cancel; registrants:[{'email': '', 'id': 'dPOaCIDGSPi9NOJd9PsJOA'}]

Update registrants status; response:204

Get 'webinar' (ID:845816337xx) registrant; ID:dPOaCIDGSPi9NOJd9PsJOA; URL:''

Get Registrant; response:<Response [200]>

CANCELLED Registrant:cancelled_registrant={'id': 'dPOaCIDGSPi9NOJd9PsJOA', 'first_name': 'TH Registrant', 'last_name': 'TH To Approve and Cancel', 'email': '', 'address': '', 'city': '', 'country': '', 'zip': '', 'state': '', 'phone': '', 'industry': '\
', 'org': '', 'job_title': '', 'purchasing_time_frame': '', 'role_in_purchase_process': '', 'no_of_employees': '', 'comments': '', 'custom_questions': [], 'status': 'approved', 'create_time': '2024-02-01T05:46:56Z', 'join_url': '\

Any comments? Obvious omission? Help much appreciated.