Can I use a production URL when requesting for approval?

So, I am doing testing on a BETA version of the app. I was able to request a publishable URL and got approved, so for now, I am using the production Client ID and Secret on my app, so I can test users authorizing their Zoom account. My question is, now that I am ready to request for approval for the app to be public, can I use the production Client ID/Secret, or does it HAS to be development ones? I would like to keep it with the production ones, but if it is not possible, then I will revert to using the development ones.

Hi @rmjuarez12
Once you submit your app for review and gets published in the Marketplace, it will be using Production credentials :slight_smile:
Hope this helps,


Ok, got it. But, when I send for approval can I use the production credentials, or do they MUST be the development ones? I just want to make sure. Again, I am currently using the production credentials, since I was approved to have a publishable URL outside of my account, which allows me to use the production credentials.

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