Can I use OAuth without being published?

Project Description:
I’m building online courses platform based on Zoom meetings. All sessions are done using Zoom.
These sessions are exclusive to student, teacher and supervisors. We also require to collect student/teacher attendance in order to calculate both student and teacher performance and sessions balance.
I have built OAuth app in order to collect both student,teacher and supervisors Zoom accounts’ id for exclusive meetings invitations.
I use webhook app to notify my system about attendance and send notifications and alert about student/teacher delay or absence to whom to be concerned in my system.

I can’t get my application approved for 28 days. Each time there’s a require for further data. I have updated short/long description. Created documentation in my website and support page for Zoom users and I have completed Deauthorization/Uninstall integration to remove data from my system after client request uninstall.

I have tried to use the OAuth integration from Zoom account that isn’t related to my developer account and it worked. Zoom application installation is done from my website only. If my user installed application from Marketplace without being logged in my website, it will have no difference for me.
So do I need to get my application published at all since ? What happens if I don’t want my application to published in marketplace and rolled it out review? Must it be approved even if I don’t want it to be listed?

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Same here.

Do not need Marketplace, I can provide Integration from my side, in fact, it is all I need.

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Hey @pgtaboada,

You, and any users on your Zoom account can use your OAuth app without it being published.