Can I use the API to get user presence?

Could you tell me how can I use the API to get whether the target user is participating in a Zoom meeting?

I can see active or inactive on this endpoint(Zoom Meeting API), but I don’t think I can tell if you’re in a meeting or not.

Hi @kenji.matuda

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What do you mean if the user is participating in a Zoom meeting?
If they unmuted themselves? or had video on? Could you be more specific?


Hi elisa

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My understanding is that there are only 3 statuses(active/inactive/pending.) that can be obtained with this endpoint(GET /users/{userId})

I would like to know the API to get the In a Zoom Meeting status like on this site

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Hi @kenji.matuda

Ah I see! thanks for sharing more details with me.
Unfortunately we do not have an endpoint available for that.

Feel free to open a feature request here:


Hi @elisa.zoom

Thank you for your guidance.

Okay, I will submit a feature request.

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Thank you! Have an excellent weekend @kenji.matuda :slight_smile:

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