API for User Presence

Is there a way to get a user’s presence? This would be helpful to tie into something like Slack to show when a user is currently in a Zoom call.

Maybe this can be added to the Zoom Slack App?

Zach, this is not available today but we are working on it. It’s a good idea to add this to Slack app - we will update in our next release app versions.


has this been implemented?

Hi Zach, 

This feature is being looked at right now by our Engineer team. We have a tentative release for this during October. 


Is this active now with the new Slack/Marketplace application?

Hi Zoom Developer team,

We are also looking for this API to get user presence. Could you please inform if this is at least in beta phase.?



Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. For user presence, you can leverage the user’s presence status has been updated Webhook event. This event is triggered every time one of your app users’ presence status is updated in the Zoom Client app. See the Webhook below for more details :

User’s presence status has been updated

Let me know if this helps or if you have any follow up questions.

Hello Donte, Quick question on the same. We are looking for an API if available to get the status of any instant/unplanned meetings the user will be joining. This is something similar to other endpoint like /meetings. We understand the option of webhooks, however, to subscribe and store all the details of the users and fetching the status at a specific point of time is not possible and also have some security issues to save all the info to our storage too.

Do you have any plans of creating an endpoint for this purpose i.e., to get the instant meeting/zoom status of any user?

we had this option in skype and also have integration between the two systems i.e., if any user joins any ad hoc zoom meeting, his status will reflect in skype. do we have any possibility with Teams? i.e., I want to get the zoom status in Teams so that if the above endpoint is not available, I can rely on Microsoft Graph call to get the teams status (which would give me the zoom meeting if the integration were available)?

Could you please share your thoughts around this?