Can livestream support gallery view?

With advent of 1.9.0 Web SDK, gallery view is supported on browser. However, livestream of the same, only livestreams Speaker view and does not stream gallery view.

Livestream with host on gallery view streams only streams spotlight view and does not stream gallery view.

Which version?
WebSDK → 1.9.0

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Same issue - Gallery works in web when you are promoted as a panelist. But if you are just an attendee watching the webinar, you don’t have the option to gallery view all the speakers/panelists…

Is this a bug or by design?

@jtupper , For meeting there would be only host and attendee role (apart from co-host). and with latest version of websdk (as release 3 days back 1.9.0) gallery view does work with all (host as well as attendee). My issue over here is, this view though works well in websdk, when we livestream the same, livestream only uses active speaker view rather than gallery view.
All the attendees as well as host were having gallery view on their view (in websdk).

Ok, I understand. My issue is specifically regarding webinar, not meeting. I will raise a new thread. good luck with your issue!

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Hey @jtupper ,

Thanks for creating a new topic, we will assist you shortly. :slight_smile:


Hey @sandeep.tendulkar ,

Can you please share a screenshot of the livestream view that does not show gallery view? :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy ,

Can not share the screenshot of something that does not show :slight_smile:

However can details out steps:
Step 1. Create a meeting and Associate livestream. Don’t start the meeting.
Step 2: Start meeting using WebSDK (I had used both our app as well as )
Step 3: Join meeting using WebSDK (I had used our app as well git sample app)
Step 4: All views to be set as Gallery view (for everyone)
Step 5: Start livestreaming

At this stage, gallery view is now shown on live stream.

I had also done one more step later.
Step 6: Open zoom client (application) and make this user as host.
Step 7: This host to set view as Galley View.

Now we can see gallery view in livestream.

Step 8: Ask this host to make another person as host (all others are using websdk) and leave the meeting… Effectively all the people in meeting are only using websdk.

Now galley view in livestream disappeared.

We had contacted even support team. They had mentioned below response after verifying the meeting:

As far as I can see from our end, is that you still using an outdated zoom app version ( 4.0.2248.0121.791).
I would suggest if you can please make sure to update your zoom client to the latest version. (5.5.1 (12484.0202).

Hope these details help. Please let me know if you require any thing more


Hey @sandeep.tendulkar,

Thank you for your question. I wasn’t sure if this is expected or if it’s planned to be added in the future. I reached out to our engineering team to confirm this and will get back to you when I hear more from them. (CS-2996)


Thanks @MaxM . Please keep us posted.

Hey @sandeep.tendulkar,

Our engineering team reminded me that the Web SDK does not support live streaming right now. Are you able to provide more information on how you are starting the live stream and provide a screenshot of what you’re referring to?

I understand that the speaker view won’t display but I want to make sure we’re on the same page.


Hi @MaxM ,
We are enabling livestream by using JWT API for setting up livestream and starting the same.

Set up Livestream by following

Start and Stop livestream by following

Hey @sandeep.tendulkar,

Thank you for providing additional information. As we don’t currently support livestreaming with the Web SDK I’m surprised to hear that this was working even with the speaker view.

In the future we plan to support live streaming from the Web SDK but in the meantime, you’ll want to use the Zoom Desktop Client for the best live streaming experience.


When will it be for the live streaming for Web SDK?

Hey @GeorgeSHP,

Thank you for your question. I don’t have an ETA on when this will be available but you can stay up-to-date using our changelog as well as our Developer Roadmap.


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