Can not create JWT app

Can not create JWT app from the url above.

It gives me error api_credentials_not_found

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Log in and Go to
  2. Click a create button of JWT App
  3. Type something for the name of the app.
  4. See error

Screenshots (If applicable)

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I have the same issue.

here too.
It is not possible to create a new JWT app

Same problem and looking forward to someone finding a solution

I have the same issue

Same problem already few hours

Hi all, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re currently working to resolve this.

If you are experiencing this problem, please Direct Message me your Account ID.


Same problem and looking forward to someone finding a solution also.

I have the same issue

I also have the same issue

Hello Michael,

We are having the same issue.

Steve Kompolt

Hi michael,

our team too is waiting to get it resolved.


I have the same issue

Hi everyone,

We are working on fixing this problem. There could be a delay of five minutes between account creation and JWT App properly working. If you are still facing the issue, could you send either me or Michael your Zoom Account IDs via message? Thank you.


Same Issue here… Cannot create JWT App

Same for me, private message sent with my Zoom ID.

Chrome shows the following in the developer console upon attempting to create a JWT account. Perhaps that will help you track it down via logs. Visually it’s the same error/screenshot as the OP.

{status: 500, error: “Internal Server Error”, message: “api_credentials_not_found”,…}

status: 500
error: “Internal Server Error”
message: “api_credentials_not_found”
tid: “c17ce50a74a98b04”
sid: “c17ce50a74a98b04”
timestamp: 1586066377347

I have forwarded the information that you provided to the related team. I will let you know once I have an update. Thank you for your patience.


same issue here… this has been a problem since last night. waiting on resolution.

We have been facing this issue from last 20 hours now. Pls get this corrected urgently ASAP as a lot of people are getting affected. Will Appreciate early response.

Same problem here, cannot create JWT app…