Unable to create JWT private app


Howdy! Whenever I try to create a new internal app and choose the JWT method, I get a create_app_error popup and cannot proceed. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but can’t quite figure out. Any suggestions?


Just for kicks, I tried creating a webhook API—and now I can’t remove it. For reference, I am an admin on our account, and we also tried with the owner account. Thanks!


Are you on a new paid account?


I’m having the same issue - paid account for at least the last 5 months.


I think we’ve had this account for several years, actually. Today, I was able to create an app through the old developer site, but I still can’t create one through the marketplace. I suppose I’m okay for now… but at some point, I imagine that we’ll have no choice but to use the marketplace, so it would be good to know that we’ll be able to. Thanks!