Can not re-join when out zoom which has not started

Hi all,

  • When the participant join room but the room has not started so the participant wait so long. So he has click end room. And click button re-join but he can not join room again because the zoom does not show any modal, text…
    Thank you in advance.

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Hi @tuanthinhit
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum., I am happy to help here.
Could you please share with me what version of the SDK you are using?

Hi @elisa.zoom

  • Thank you for your reply.
  • Currently, i’m using Meeting web SDK version 2.10.1 (latest version)
    Can you please re-check and let me know and how can i fix it?

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Hi @elisa.zoom

  • Any update? have you checked this for me? I look forward to your reply.

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Hi @tuanthinhit
Sorry for the late reply.
I am not able to reproduce this issue on my end.
Have you tested with our sample app?

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