Can PAC be enabled using API call

Hi All, I am trying to enable the PAC feature for all of my users using the API call. I see an API call example for retrieving the users information with PAC feature but don’t see any for enabling that feature for the users through the API call.
I see an example syntax on the blog:

  "pac_accounts": [
      "dedicated_dial_in_number": [
          "number": "123343434",
          "country": "USA"
      "global_dial_in_numbers": [
          "number": "434343434",
          "country": "USA"
      "conference_id": "111111",
      "participant_password": "ghdf",
      "listen_only_password": "hkgk"

Not clear on few things:

  1. What value should i be passing for phone numbers? I am assuming they are zoom dial in numbers.
  2. Can I enable and disable the PAC feature for certain users as and when needed? If Yes is there a reference document/syntax ?

I am using JWT Token.

Any pointers would be helpful over here.

Thank You for your time.

Hi @gsura, thanks for posting and using Zoom. PAC can not be configured using the REST API, this currently has to be handled in the Zoom web portal.

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Got it. Thank You Michael for your response and time.

Have another question on automating the process of JWT Token creation process. Can it be automated using Rest Http call? Instead of creating one manually and which expires every week.

Thank You for time and information.

Hey @gsura,

Yep, you can generate it locally on the fly. No api call next year.