Can we have zoom running on our web page and still control or access certain in meeting functions from the page

To be clear I am not a developer, I am doing research for an idea I need a developer to implement, when I have found a tool that can accomplish what I am looking for.

the above topic title is the question, but to reiterate here
Can we have zoom running on our web page and can we control or access certain in meeting functions from the page?

An example of this would be:

Can we know from the API who the current highlighted/spotlighted speaker is or even just access the list of active participants in the meeting?

Or similarly: Is it possible to control participants rights (who can speak and not speak) via API?

I appreciate your response on this, as I am not familiar enough with reading API documentation to be clear if the above is possible, thank you.

Hi, @Terran,

Yes, you can embedded Zoom into your web page and perform pre and post meeting setup with our API and in meeting operations with our SDKs. Zoom API and Client SDKs are available to all Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts with no additional cost. Registering and activating any Basic Zoom account will automatically provide free-trial Developer access to the Zoom API and SDKs. Use this free-trial period to test Zoom services and SDK functionality.

For more information about getting stated with our API and Client SDKs, you may visit our help documentation below:

  1. Developer Accounts

  2. API documentation

  3. SDK documentation

This Developer forum post provides some more in-depth detail:

Yes, it is possible to detect who is speaking in real time via our SDKs. Further, you can list meeting participants via API. Please see this helpful developer forum post and our list meeting participants API documentation for more details:

Yes, it is possible to control the speaker abilities of users with the our SDKs MuteAll feature, please see this helpful developer forum post for more details:

Please let me know if this answers your questions.


I believe it does answer my question; thank you for the detailed response Donte.

Glad Donte could help you out! :slight_smile:

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