Can we prevent Breakout Rooms pop-ups?

Hey Zoom team,

We’re finally at a point where we can successfully manipulate Breakout Rooms from our app with ease. Woo! :partying_face: :tada:

We’re finding that every time we open or close Breakout Rooms (via openBreakoutRooms() and closeBreakoutRooms()) our users get the following pop-ups / notifications:

When opening:

When closing:

Particularly, when closing it is very annoying to have to always quit the Zoom Breakout Rooms list UI. When people use our app, they don’t need to see this.

Also, as you can see, we don’t set any delay (i.e. 0 seconds) for closing and returning to the main room. So, the pop-up is actually a bit useless as it says:

“All participants have been given 0 seconds to leave their Breakout Rooms”


  1. Is there any way to disable these notifications?
  2. Or, even better, would you consider automatically disabling them when people modify the Breakout Rooms programmatically via the Breakout Room management APIs?
    This would make a lot of sense, as our application itself gives the user feedback about what’s happening.

I get the impression @evgeny.balashov would be best fit to answer this



@om7 , thanks for the feedback! I’ve shared it with the team, we will try to address it.
It looks like having breakout rooms dialog doesn’t help host much.

Not sure if we will be removing the notifications in the right top corner: the goal of those is to give the host confidence that things are happening as expected on Zoom client level.

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Thanks @evgeny.balashov :smile:

Definitely see where you’re coming from on the notifications in the top-right. They are much more subtle too, impacting the UX much less.