When will breakout room events become available?

I am seeing that there are some breakout room events in the internal docs that aren’t yet available. Any idea on when those will become available?

I am working in an education context and we will be holding classes in zoom and using the breakout rooms for discussions.

we want to be able to track when people enter and leave breakout rooms, as well as some general activity about engagement and interactions such as talk time, reactions, chats, etc.

Hi @RostislavR ,

I believe you have already figured this out based on your other post, but just in case, here is the docs for Zoom Apps breakout room usage: Zoom Developer Docs


Hi Gianni,

Thanks for the reply. The other post was about understanding the ratelimits, this one is about some of the other breakout room api methods that I see in the internal api, such as participants entering or leaving a breakout room, and other similar events that the app would be able to see from the main room.

do you have any timeline on when those will be ready for public consumption?

These are the events I am referring to.