Can we send data (first name, last name, email, etc.) when user is joining the meeting without having an account?

When user joins the meeting without logging in/ without having an account is it possible to pass user info (first name, last name, email…) when joining the meeting.

Moving forward we would like to retrieve that data for reporting.

Hi @kateryna,

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In regards to unauthenticated/non-logged in users joining your meetings, I should clarify that certain personally identifiable information may not be returned (such as email), even if they attend your meeting.

If a user belongs under your Zoom account and is logged in, however, then you should expect this information to be available to you via API.

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Hello Will - I’ve a similar interest in this question.

If sessions were setup to require External Authentication in order to attend, will the email address be available in the reports?

The thought process being that we will setup External Authentication linked to our SSO system that will require participants to authenticate themselves with the SSO credentials we have provisioned them with, but will not require or provision them with a Zoom account.

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Hi @ed.g,

Good question—unfortunately, unless a user is authenticated via Zoom, their email address will not be visible via API. External authentication before they join the Zoom experience will not translate to the records returned via API for attendees.


Thanks Will. Is there any other way that you can suggest that we can capture participants’ email addresses that attend Zoom meetings, other than via registration, or requiring a Zoom account?

We are currently using Zoom Webinars to deliver online training (we manage our own enrolment process), where this is less of a problem as participants are required to enter their name and email address before joining.

However, we would like to move some of the online training to use Zoom Meetings, whereby users would be provisioned with the generic Zoom URL, with the aim to authenticate them via External Authentication. Similar to Kateryna, we would like to report on attendance, and would need the email address to do this.

Happy to start a separate topic as I realise that I’ve gatecrashed this one!

@kateryna - FYI, Zoom Webinar sessions prompt attendees to enter their name and email address prior to joining the session, but unfortunately Zoom Meetings do not.

I have submitted a feature request to Zoom to mirror this functionality in the Meetings platform, so it might be worthwhile you doing the same to help raise the profile/priority of the request (ticket number is ZOOM-200222).

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Thanks, Will, for getting back to me.
Is there a way for me to find out if the user is logged in into zoom and joins the meeting as a zoom user or as a guest.
In case “as a guest”, if I do a Post request to add a registrant, will I be able to retrieve that data afterwards in the participants report?

Thanks you!

@ed.g, thank u!
Good to know!
Yeah, this feature would be good to have.

Hi @ed.g,

At the moment, requiring registration is the best way to ensure that you can capture a participant’s email. I’m afraid there isn’t currently a way to ensure you capture this information if a user is not logged in or required to register.


Hi @kateryna,

You can check if a participant was logged in or joined as a guest afterwards by calling this endpoint:

If the participant ID is blank, they joined as a guest.

Let me know if this helps,

Thanks for confirming Will.

N problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

Hi Will!
According the instryctions - if my app wants to get participants ID the user of the app should have Paid account on a Pro or higher plan?

Hi @evsikova.elena,

Can you confirm which endpoint you’d like to retrieve the Participant ID from? I’m happy to confirm this for you!


I want to count the number of meetings (calls) with a specific user. So from a zoom meeting.

Thanks for clarifying, @evsikova.elena.

For this, you would need a Pro or higher plan—I would recommend this endpoint:

If you want to start tracking participants in meetings without a Pro plan, you could also leverage our Participant Joined webhook, which does not require this plan:

Let me know if this helps!


Will thank you a lot!
Yes that helped, I guess the second option should work!

Awesome, glad I could help @evsikova.elena :slight_smile:


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